Cut my steerer tube

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If you're buying a new fork and would like us to cut the steerer tube and install a star-nut then you need to order one of these products.


Measure twice, cut once

We will cut the steerer tube to the length you tell us, but it's your responsibility to get that length correct.  Please measure twice because we can only cut once :-)

How to measure

Instructions for how to measure steerer tube length


Install Star-nut

We will install the star-nut supplied with your new fork 

No Star-nut

We'll cut the steerer tube but NOT install a star-nut if you're using the Specialized SWAT steerer-tube tool or similar.

OneUp thread

We'll thread the steerer tube ready for a One Up EDC tool

Crown Race

The crown race is the piece of metal that your lower headset bearing rotates on.  You'll need to remove your crown race from your old fork and install it on your new fork.

Some crown races have a split which makes them super easy to remove and install.  For help removing a split crown race please see here.

(image split crown race)

If your crown races is not split then it will be trickier to remove and install.  You might want to buy one of our PVC crown race install tools which shows the full instructions for how to remove and install this type of crown race.

Headset Spacers

You can order headset spacers here