What fork offset do I need?

Fork offset is a hot topic in the bike industry just now. Our own personal option is to stick with the offset that your bike designed around. The easiest way to find out what offset your bike is by checking the information on the fork you currently have. Below are where you can find this information 




Located on the back of the fork on the damper side just below the dust seal you will find a sticker that will have the offset, wheel spacing and wheel size listed on it

Example - 51mm, 15x110mm, 29 



The easiest way to find the offset on you Fox/Marzocchi to take the 4 digit code on the back of the fork. (air spring side) below the dust seal. Head to the link below and put the code in





This will give you a full rundown on the specifications of your fork. In the description, there will be a part that says “rake” with a number in front of it. This is you offset



Dvo fork comes with reduced offsets with the exception of the Giant reign advanced 0 that came with a 46mm offset fork, 

Manufacturers Website 


Another way to find out the offset your bike is designed to work with is to head to the website of the manufacturer of your bike. Find the model of bike you have and look at the product page for that bike. It can normally be found listed in the bike geometry charts or components specifications, Sometimes it can be found in the FAQ for the model