Want to get your suspension optimized for you as quickly as possible?

Scratching your head trying to work out why your suspension doesn’t feel how you want it to feel? Or do you just have no clue what any of the dials do on your fork and shock and need a helping hand to get it set up?


This is where a ShockWiz comes in handy. 

 A shock wiz is a device that mounts to the air spring of your suspension product. It reads around 100 times per second, looking at the actual pressure in the air chamber and how it responds to input. It collects data on the suspension rate, rebound, and high and low-speed compression amongst other things. 

Simply fit the shock wiz to your fork or shock, calibrate it to the product using the app, put in your preferred tuning style then head out for a couple of laps of your favourite track/route

It gathers all this data and gives you a “tuning score” with a full list of things you can do to improve the setting on the suspension product, whether that be increasing the rebound speed, or needing another token in the form, or decreasing the high speed compression. It will give you into the optimum tuning window very quickly and efficiently.

Easy as that.