About Us

Suspension Works is based in Wellington, New Zealand, but with our fast courier service we can accept bookings from anywhere in NZ.

email: suspension@wheelworks.co.nz

phone: 04 387 3592




Jake Hood



Jake moved to Queenstown 6 years ago after chasing summer riding through Whistler and Vancouver.  He has 13 years experience as a professional mechanic, has worked at Downhill World Cups and spun wrenches at Queenstown’s premium bikeshop, Bikeaholic, before moving to Wellington to start Suspension Works.
Jake has over 20 years of riding under his belt and is a Kona Ambassador.  He’s talented in front of the camera lens but also a skilled photographer behind it.
 With an extensive knowledge of suspension and bike set up Jake will be able to guide you to your optimum set up, whether that’s setting your bike up to destroy everything in its path or having a bike that will be an efficient trail-eater.



Tristan Thomas



Tristan grew up on Vancouver Island as the area was pushing the boundaries of bikes and defining what mountain biking is.  
Tristan entered the bicycle industry in 1999 after several years as a Glider Instructor Pilot. Arriving in New Zealand early in 2002 as part of a break from University he travelled around New Zealand. Shortly after arriving in Wellington he fell in love with the city and with one of its female residents, and at the end of his year ‘holiday’ made the decision to make New Zealand his home.

Tristan studied Mechanical Engineering at the Wellington Institute of Technology and worked with their Centre for Smart Product which interfaces with local companies to assist with the design of innovative products for national and international markets. This technical and engineering experience is clearly reflected in the Wheelworks philosophy of wheelbuilding and in Suspension Works attention to detail.


Wheelworks Handcrafted Wheels



Suspension Works is a sister-company of Wheelworks, New Zealand's premiere wheelbuilding company – they have their own people and their own specific goals and purposes but share some back-end systems.

Wheelworks was founded 14 years ago and over that time has developed the systems and processes that we use to book jobs and manage the work in production. As Wheelworks has grown those systems have become more important. These systems and processes we’ve developed are often thought about as the ‘boring bits’ of a business but they’re essential to being able to function professionally: They allow us to keep track of work and ensure we’re meeting your requirements and expectations.

When we started Suspension Works it made sense to use the systems that Wheelworks has developed and because of this you’ll see the Wheelworks name and branding in some parts of the process.